Buffer Zones
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Field Track Buffer Zones

Field Track uses several methods to integrate buffer zone information into your field application records.

Each field record can be given a complex and standard LERAP buffer zone comment. Each time a chemical application is marked as "Yes" to buffer zone, Field Track will correctly take this information and enter it into all applications to that field with relation to the chemical. This is an automatic feature and can be used to have Field Track enter the LERAP buffer zone information for you.

You can also enter a number; 1, 2, 3, etc into your batch processing field list when entering application records. Field Track will add "Meter" to your number and add this to the LERAP buffer zone for that application on the specific field. This will be added in addition to the above field based LERAP buffer zone information.

Each application can also have a LERAP buffer zone entry, which will go to all field regardless of an other information. This information is in addition to both the above methods. Using this option would mean the chemical buffer zone comment will be added, as well as the batch field option (of entered) and also the field based buffer zone comment (if entered).

This is all slightly an overkill but gives you several possible ways to enter your LERAP information and also use Field Track semi automatic features to save you some time.