Central Science Laboratory - Chemical Database
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Central Science Laboratory

"Professional" users can register for this yearly subscription service, which provides access to the Central Science Laboratory - Liaison chemical database. The database is updated weekly if required. Information can be imported into your Field Track products database thus maintaining your records up to date with regard important LERAP and precautions of use information, as well as approval information and tank mix compatibility.
The "CSL Database Module" currently costs £100/year and offers weekly updates and Field Track integration.

Approval Expiry Date
You can search for all products with an approval expiry date on, or before your selected date. Any approval without an expiry date means the approval either has not currently got an expiry date, or it is fully approved.

Search for a weed/disease with, or without a specific approved crop type. Field Track will return all products approved for the requested target problem. This assumes the larger target/disease database has been downloaded and converted in the first place.

Go to the CSL website, or check the status of the CSL data on the Field Track website to see if an update is available. Updating the CSL databases can be a slow process. You can check the dates of the last updates from the Field track website here.

This option becomes available when you access the CSL database from within a chemical product and exports the CSL information to your product database.

Field Track will aid in checking your imported information. For example, Field Track only holds 10 harvest interval tags for a product. If the CSL data has more than 10 harvest intervals, you will be asked to select the 10 you wish to import.

The marketing company's website is added to the Field Track chemical product's "Comments" field. This will provide a useful URL link within your individual field chemical records at a later stage. If the "Comments" field contains existing data, Field Track will add this information and not overwrite your existing "Comments" on a product. All other information is overwritten.

Due to the way Field Track stores a product's "Product Type" (i.e., pesticide, etc), the import system monitors the state of an product type and will inform you any changes and may ask to confirm your intention when importing records.

Selecting this option will hunt down all weed/diesease entry for that product.

SOLA Search
Search and return all approvals by an entered SOLA number.

Field Track checks whether your database is up to date. The core database is updated at around 4 pm every Sunday afternoon. The update is a complete database replacement, so regardless of when you last updated you will be up to date whenever you run the "Update" procedure. This procedure can take a little while to complete, as it requires to download a 1Mb file and then extract the information into several Field Track database files. This can take 2 - 4 minutes depending on your machine specs. The result is a chemical database of over 2110 products cross referenced with over 82,500 approval records. Once the operation is complete the database is extremely fast.

The CSL database module also downloads a target/disease database, however this can increase the download time and the conversion time. This database is not updated as often as the core CSL data. Field Track will check for updates in this file and may affect the process time of the download and conversion.

You are given several update options when you update:
If you select this option, Field Track will check the update status of the larger target/disease database and if it detects a newer version it will be downloaded and integrate it into the CSL data. This can be a slow process. The core data is only updated every 3 months, however new products are added to the database, as a smaller dataset. Selecting "Yes" does not automatically mean the larger weed/disease database is download and converted. Only if Field Track detects a new version will the larger file be converted. Contact support if you wish to reset this check.

If this option is selected the target/disease database is not updated regardless of whether it is updated on the Field Track website, or not. This means you can process a quicker core CSL database update regardless of whether the target/disease database has altered.

This aborts the whole process.

You can search for any product, ingredient, MAFF number, or marketing company. The underlined "Product" label will re-list all products (useful for after an ingredient search, for example.)

This will be checked if the product is actively marketed by the company.

To register for the CSL Database Module you will need to follow a similar procedure when you registered Field Track, so an unlock file can be generated to make available all the CSL information. If the module is not registered then the CSL Database Module will only import 20 products from the CSL information and this information will be of only limited value, as the first 20 product import is rather 'dumb'. This feature, however allows you to 'sample' the basic function of the module.