Quantity Calculator
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Quantity Calculator

This feature is available to "Professional" users.

This is one of the first calculators provided by Field Track to aid in finding out requirements based on your fields.
Use the "Batch List" to select the field you want to have as part of your field list by clicking on the top field list. You can also tweak the field areas in the bottom list.

Enter your "Application Rate" and enter a useful label to "List Entry" and select a unit value from the drop down list of unit values. This information is placed in the "Results List".

Select "Calculate" to have Field Track detail the "Requirement" for your selection.

Use the "List" button to add your result to the "Results List". You can continue doing this until you have filled your "Results List" with a list of requirements, at which point you can right-click the "Results List" grid to get a printout.