Using A PDA
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Using A PDA/Laptop

Field Track provides several ways in which to use a laptop, or hand held PDA device. Use of a PDA is only really available through the "Professional" version of Field Track due to the more complex requirements in support. Field Track uses standard export/import file sharing techniques and is an open system. This means Field Track will work with any PDA, or computer system, as long as you can convert one of Field Track's many export file types.

Field Track can export all your record data through Chronological Records (Pro), as well as, your harvest data through Harvest Records and Continuous Drier Records (Pro). Stock control records can also be edited through a PDA system, as well as Application Planner records.

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Many other areas within Field Track provide export files. The interactive displays grids and report generator can all produce file formats that can be emailed, or otherwise used on another computer, or PDA.