Weather Records
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Weather Records

"Professional" users are able to record weather logs with this recording system. It is also possible to import data from weather station log files using the import wizard.
Due the amount of possible information, Field Track limits the records using the "Date Limiter". You can alter this to suit your needs.


Your weather log is available through your weather database when adding application costs. Selecting use here will fill in your application record with key information from the weather log:

Time: 19/05/2003 23:22:38
Wind Direction: 278
Wind Speed: 6.91
Temperature: 8.80
Rain: 0.37


Using the import wizard it is possible to import many types of weather log files. You can save a import specification for later use.

Weather Graph
Field Track provides several graphs for your weather logs and you can further use the mouse to drag out a selection box on the graph itself to zoom in to that region of the graph.