Field Track - Specialist agricultural software solutions

Field Track started life back in 1993 for our own farm use. The culmination of learning to program at the age of 14 using computers from the 1970’s when storage was a piece of paper ticker tape. Floppy disks were actually floppy and connecting to the Internet cost more than the price of the computer!

1995 came along and Microsoft released Windows 95 which was a game changer for people buying and using computers. Quite quickly BBS systems morphed into big social servers like Compuserve and AOL.

By 1997 agriculture and the Internet had arrived with services like USENET and the inspired farming specific service ‘Farming On-Line’. The advent of the WWW is probably what most people remember and services like ‘Farmers Weekly Interactive’ were born. Of late services such as The Farming Forum have enabled farmers to better communicate and harness computers more.

Computers in agriculture were booming but many existing programs maintained a difficult user-interface, high purchase cost and restrictive support plans. Using the Internet to lessen many inherent costs in software production and support our software was given a complete rewrite and renamed to provide an easier entry into software tools for the Internet based farmer. ‘Field Track’ was born.

Field Track was, and still is, an ideological creation to allow farmers a cost effective and simple introduction into computers. It does not brake the bank and provides a vehicle to learning computers, where as complex and extremely important software packages may not be.

Over the years Field Track has expanded into an extremely powerful option compared with expensive and complex alternatives.

Please take the time to review all the powerful features Field Track has to offer. The best way to appreciate the full scope of unique features Field Track accommodates, test-drive our downloadable trial on your farm; with your enterprise costs now!


RedKiteIT Limited took over Field Track in 2015 and developed a themed interface for newer versions of Windows, as well as a Cloud backup system to provide an extra level of support for your backup files.

RedKiteIT Limited develop websites, web applications, e-commerce solutions, office management ERP and document processing software, as well as control and monitoring web servers that interface with HMI panels and sensors such as grain driers and tank storage facilities. We know computers and provide a welcome foothold into IT if you have a problem that needs a software solution.

We are a full stack development company that brings our extensive knowledge of problem solving built up over 40 years to build and advise upon robust, secure solutions that improve your business function and integrity.

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