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Field Track – Dryer Control

** Increased capacity **

** Reduce time & stress **

** Free up time & staff costs **

Field Track – Dryer Control offers a lifetime of drying grain knowledge and nearly twenty years of operational throughout to provide a robust software solution for dryer control PLC integration. Drying grain is a time consuming and often forgotten ‘art’ of averages at a very busy time of year. Field Track – Dryer Control uses a combination of relatively simple algorithms to maintain the conditions you have set. It can do this with rather greater control than any PLC coding we have seen used on the many different dryers on the market.

By controlling the PLC in a way to maintain existing safeguards you lose none of the benefits but gain in operational control and frees your time up, as you no longer need to worry about that the dryer is doing. When you do review the dryer status Field Track – Dryer Control displays handy graphs of what it has been up to.

There are several ways to control a dryer. However it does not matter how you look at the concepts it is a law of averages and the variables involved are generally outside the control of the software and sensors trying to control the dryer. Suffice to say no matter how many smoke screens are presented to ‘sell’ a method of control they are all flawed due to the uncontrollable number of variables. There is also an issue regarding what to do with a sensor input and the corresponding control change. A case in point would be a moisture sensor. Moisture sensors have come along way over the past several years and are a required tool. However if you have a moisture sensor controlling the dryer how would you alter the dryer if the moisture was detected higher, or lower than you required. The results of any actions would be staggering slow.

For the most part dryers are controlled by temperature changes and Field Track – Dryer Control is no different. Where Field Track – Dryer Control differs is the timing of the changes, the math involved and the advanced control you have in directing how these elements interact to make the dryer do what you want, as you have far more knowledge than any software might have.

Drying Concepts – Math

Most dryers operate on a pretty simple algorithm: Measure temperature and do something. Sadly it can be even worse where the dryer simply stops the flow of grain until it reaches our set temperature and then opens the discharge until the temperature gets to x points below our target where it again closes the discharge and repeats the cycle. In additional to this some safeguards might be place that the discharge can only be closed for x minutes. This can mean that grain that is getting wetter places the dryer into a spiral of failure and a continuous dryer becomes a major resource hog in time and man power to keep it under control.