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Unmatched Simplicity & Value
Unlimited Fields & Records
Unique Dual Interface
Instant Information
The Fastest & Most Advanced Data Entry
Unlimited Reports
Proven Stability & Back Up

Unmatched Simplicity & Value
Field Track agricultural crop recording was designed as a simple farm management software package and was originally developed with only a couple of ideals in mind. Operational simplicity and value! Simplicity has two great advantages, often over looked in software development these days. Keeping something simple benefits both the customer and the development team. The more complex a task, the slower and more error-prone it becomes. Less problems means more time spent doing the task at hand and the less time and money spent on support. The result is a simple and value for money software tool called Field Track.

Unique Dual Interface
Totally unique to Field Track are the powerful and informative dual interfaces. Unlike most database applications, Field Track presents your information instantly and in user-adjustable detail – no reports required. Instantly see your costs and gross margins. Providing two great user interfaces offers both simplicity and advanced features in a package to suit your tastes and needs.

Field Track, unlike some office applications, may not be used everyday so it can sometimes be difficult to remember how to do some tasks in a complex application. As Field Track does not require the use of reports to get your data into a useful format, information overload can be problem. Field Track has two types of screens. One more simpler then the other – in relation to the information provided. The best of both worlds and allows you vary how you wish to work with your data. Simple to start and grows with your knowledge to allow detailed information overviews, as well as extremely fast data input.

Simple Power By Field Track
Field Track’s “Standard” screen display is an attractive and simple design to allow you to learn Field Track’s many features before progressing to the “Advanced” screen. Designed upon the simple idea that you can relate to a list of your fields. Selecting a field displays key information about the field. Selecting a cost type allows you to see those specific costs. Simple “Add”, “Edit” buttons allow you to quickly enter information

Field Track's simple and informative display.

Reduce Information Overload

  • Simple & informative display.
  • Field by field information.
  • Quick search ability.
  • Simply Add/Edit buttons (related to what you see on the screen.)
Field Track's advanced and detailed display.

Advanced Power In Your Hands
Field Track’s “Advanced” screen display is a powerful combination of user interaction and information display. You can design your own screen and display grid layouts to present the information the way you want. Not only that but Field Track “Professional” allows you to instantly print out your information, as displayed, as well as share your screen designs!

Display numerous collections of data across different fields, holdings, or years.
  • Display different information on the same field, different fields, or different seasons.
  • Add, remove, move, resize, and/or group any column.
  • Display a selection of graphs.
  • Save & load screen and grid designs.
  • Information as you want it.
  • Fully adjustable screen that makes use of your whole monitor.
  • Unique and extremely informative.
  • Design & print grid designs. Information as YOU want it!

Simple Yet Powerful Application Entry
Field Track’s main task is information entry and here speed, power and simplicity are all rolled into the fastest and most powerful data entry system in the field. Allowing quick and detailed records to be stored to keep you up to date with ACCS, COSHH, NVZ’s and more.

Adding and editing records can be as simple, or as detailed as you require.

Field Track offers quick access dropdown lists, calendars, calculators, stock control, or instant entry, as well as advanced batch processing and detailed application mix control. You are in complete control of your data entry at all times.

Batch processing makes adding records fast and simple.
Comparing your different enterprises has never being simpler.

You will find Field Track’s data entry a breath of fresh air! Entries can be stock controlled, or not depending on how you want to work. For example you have bought X tonne of seed and applied it to one, or two fields. Why bother with stock – simply enter in the cost and details and batch process to the fields in question – Job done! Simplicity you control!

Field Track Tools
Field Track is full of useful tools to aid in the management and display of your field information.

Measure your field image files directly within Field Track.
Useful agricultural calculators to assist in your arable field management.

Field Track Sets Standards With Report Generation
Field Track offers the most comprehensive reporting system of any field recording system. Not only are so many reports built into Field Track but Field Track “Professional” comes with a fully integrated report designer system unlike any other crop recording package available today! All the reports provided in Field Track were created in Field Track “Professional”.

Inbuilt report generator makes building complex reports powerful and easy.

Field Track allows your reports to be tailored exactly to your needs, either by ourselves, other users, or yourself. No other field recording application provides such a wealth of tools, as Field Track.

Many reports included within Field Track.

Handy “Explorer” type report sorting system, so you can place reports in useful locations for quick selection.

Reports can be exported to many different file types for easy transfer to other people – even if they do not own Field Track.

Pick from many different themes to make Field Track look just the way you like it.

Over 100 available themes to personalize and enhance your Field Track.

Feature List

Do not take our word for it. Who needs a list of features and unanswered questions?

Download and install Field Track now and start learning how simple, powerful and cost effective crop recording can improve your business decisions and aid satisfying all those regulations constantly adding to the burden of farm management!

Field Track is all you need to make crop recording on a computer a breeze!

Review the manual online from our download page to further see what Field Track can offer.

Let Field Track be your simple farm management overview software.