Field Track User Club
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The "Field Track User Club" (FTUC)

The "FTUC" was designed to offer better support for the Field Track range of products. This is a subscription service which provides full access to an email service where all users can share feedback and tips on using Field Track, or farming in general. It is also a great way to learn the finer points of computers from people like yourself. The "FTUC" also offers discounts on related software products and services. "FTUC" members get all add-ons for Field Track for free. Report Packs, Screen Layout add-ons, competitions and future upgrades will bring a lot of new features only available to members.

Your continued support in the "FTUC" is what makes software programs like Field Track possible at such low prices.

All members of the "FTUC" receive access to the "Professional" version of Field Track, which brings a new level of field recording and data interrogation abilities.

The "FTUC" is a fully optional service, however Field Track would not be here if it were not for members joining the club. Take the time to consider placing your support for these types of low cost and extremely powerful software packages for the agricultural community. The "FTUC" intends to provide a value equal to your yearly subscription. The "FTUC" enables better features and tools to be provided. Support is also far better, as users are free to share ideas and information. The "FTUC" is also designed to assist in all areas related to computers.
The "Professional" version of Field Track will monitor your renew dates and will remind you to upgrade your subscription before losing those features specific to the "Professional" version.