Chronological Records (Pro)
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Chronological Records (Professional Version Only)

This feature is currently only available to "Professional" users of Field Track and provides two different approaches to displaying your information. You can review records for just the current field, or all fields in the season.

The chronological list is similar to the "All Applications" list, however you are able to display all records regardless of field and have them listed in date and time order for a complete list of every input on your fields.
Chronological records also provides a "Date Limiter", so you can only display records between two dates. Useful for hunting down costs for invoicing.

Export your results to many different file formats like Excel, Access and PDF using the available options under the "Action" button menu. This is the main export option for PDA use. Exported records to PDA's is not for use with the Application Planner import system. This is mainly for read only use on a PDA.