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Field Track Features

(Some features may only be available to "Professional" users)

Field Track uses powerful and often unique design concepts to bring arable field recording, cost effectively, to your computer. Whether you are a farmer, agronomist, business manager, contractor, or bureau service Field Track offers you the tools to do the job!

·   Unmatched simplicity and value.
No other product offers the simplicity, power and cost effectiveness. Field Track uses unique screen designs to bring your figures to you rapidly and enable you to take advantage of some of the best data input and extraction systems on the market today.

·   Unlimited number of records. You computer is your limiting factor not Field Track.
Any individual database file is limited to 4Gb, or 200 million records.

·   Designed to be 'Windows® Proof'. No support DLL files are used within Field Track, so as soon as Windows® works, so does Field Track. No worries about installation, or corrupt Windows® files. Field Track is a completely self contained system using the latest technology and database developments to bring you fast record keeping.

·   All records can be edited and corrected. With Field Track's unique design errors are quickly noticed and easily fixed.

·   Record four input cost types and three income types.
Seed, fertiliser, chemical and misc. costs are used to create a gross margin. Fixed costs can be seen against your gross margin. Main income is based on a "Sales Crop" and field area, or yield. Secondary and misc. incomes are based directly on the field.

·   Easy field budget tool. Your budget figures are always there to monitor your performance.
Record budgets for all your costs and have them displayed when reviewing your records. "Adjusted Fixed" costs can also be included

·   Advanced management features to compare costs within a season, or across many seasons. Compare any enterprise and review up to 20 years of averages.

·   Advanced batch entry system. Field Track offers the fastest and most comprehensive batch input system of any crop recording program.
Apply records to more than one field and selectively alter dates, times and more per field.

·   Build commonly used databases with information from which to fill your application records.

·   Optional Central Science Laboratory - Liaison chemical database integration (additional £100/year)
(Professional Users Only)

·   Machine costs database. (Professional Users Only)

·   "Handy" reference pricing database.

·   Fully integrated stock control. Multiple store, location, or differing prices. Field Track offers a simple yet powerful answer to stock control.
Stock control can be engaged, or not, as the user so desires.

·   Spread some costs across more than one year. Stock controlled products can not be spread across years.

·   Storage and Equipment database. Record any information you wish. Machinery servicing records, NRoSO points, grain store temps. You name it and Field Track will allow you to store it in this handy database.
Record useful ACCS and general information on a seasonal basis.

·   Supports ACCS, LERAPS, COSHH requirements and more.

·   Maintains and makes "Gross Margin" easy work. Field Track is constantly calculating your gross margin figures and is the only crop recording application which presents this information, as soon as you start the program. Instant figures, as well as, allowing you to quick relate to the information and pick out mistakes.

·   Displays "Costs/Tonne and "GM/Tonne".

·   Easily see information in another field area measurement. Field Track is able to maintain a single conversion factor, so useful information is constantly displayed in another area measurement.

Export information to many different file formats allows integration with any PDA system for data export, as well as interactive PDA use. Excel, CSV, Access, MS Works, HTML and PDF to name a few. Some export options are only available to "Professional" users. Take your field information out with you n a PDA device, as well as use a PDA (or laptop) to create, or edit information out in the field. Field Track uses a unique and open export/import format, which works with any PDA, or computer system.

·   Record soil sample information.

·   Record and analyse fertiliser nutrient input. Set up your fertiliser, or manure nutrient levels and Field Track will keep a constant record of what you have applied.

Powerful and expandable report engine. Field Track provides a unique reporting system. All reports were in fact designed within Field Track itself. This means new reports are easily created and distributed to all users and "Professional" users can created their own reports, as well as share them with other users. New reports can be loaded directly into your report database.

·   Integrated report writer system.
Only available to "Professional" users. Powerful and complex report writer system to create any report you wish.

·   Tag fields by holding farm, owner and output dated records to enable reports for contractors; i.e., invoices.

·   Interactive display grids.
Many display grids can be customised to display more, or less information by drop and dragging column headers. Display grid columns can be moved, re sized and used as the basis for grouping your information. "Professional" users can further print out their creations. Common designs can also be saved for later 'quick' use, as well as shared with other Field Track users. This unique feature to Field Track allows users to create quick ad hoc reports directly on the screen.

·   Interactive screen layouts.
Users can create display grid background colours, as well as design display grid layouts. "Professional" users can save these to disk for other Field Track users.

·   Free upgrades directly from the Internet. Field Track believes you should always be on the latest version. Due to the low yearly support costs the "Field Track User Club" members enable everyone to have the latest version free from the Internet.
Never be without the latest version straight from the Web!

·   Latest news from the Internet.
Keep up to date with recent news from Field Track through the Internet.

·   Import agronomy information from leading agronomist packages.

·   Satellite Map/Imaging
Enter Internet image URL's to quickly get the latest satellite weather radar images, or quick weather forecasts from the Internet. (Professional Users Only)

·   View records in complete chronological order. (Professional Users Only). Powerful display and design system to present all your information in a single screen. Useful for whole farm exporting of records.

·   View and/or edit cropping history.

·   Maintain harvest records. Maintain combine, batch drier and continuous drier records with ease.

·   Basic field area mapping/measurement tool. Quick and simple map measuring.
Field Track can use scanned images as the basis for basic mapping and area measurements.(Professional Users Only).