User Comments
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A Selection Of User Comments:

"Simplicity is the common theme within Field Track..." "...represents excellent value for money."   
Profi International September 1998   

"Simplicity is the key to Field Track crop recording software - simplicity of layout, simplicity of data entry and simplicity of data interpretation..." " we've been impressed."   
Profi International February 1999   

"Extra easy to use and easier still to understand..." " very much for the next and less generous looking century."   
Peter Hepworth Arable Farming January 1999   

"Excellent value for money , probably the best crop recording programme available for ease of use."
H. J. Farmer April 2004

Field Track 2 is a big improvement with plenty features... I am very happy with Field Track..."
A. H. Farmer April 2004

"Cheap with good backup"
J.C. Farmer April 2004

W. S. Farmer April 2004

"If only all support was this good"
F. B. Farmer April 2004

"Simple user interface. Very low cost... Support is excellent I cannot fault it"
S. P. Farmer April 2004

"The best features are its ease of use, excellent backup and being able to access the information that you want... I think that the quality of Field Track is very good. The support is excellent as you are available whenever you seem to be needed even when busy. Keep up the good work."
J. P. Farmer April 2004

"Relative simplicity of operation. Enables me, a complete novice to computing, to keep crop records fairly successfully with not too much difficulty."
D. P. Farmer April 2004

"The general simplicity of use that overlays a complex, yet rewarding, program. The addition of the stock recording side has tightened up the cost allocation to fields against what is actually in the shed... Quality, especially for the price, is amazing. Support from the "Field Track User Club and yourself is great."
R. C. Farmer 2004

"Fairly idiot proof."
R. S. Farmer April 2004

"Brilliant software at a great price."
J. T. Farmer April 2004

"The cost of Field Track is excellent especially considering all the quality features of the programme. Also the speed of assistance from Charles himself should any help be needed. Also the effort taken to include any new requests anybody has... Excellent."
S. M. Farmer April 2004

"Ease of use. Advanced interface making it far easier to move around. Ability to produce nearly any report you might need... Field Track has better recording and reporting abilities than rivals costing ten times the price... The support that is provided through the Field Track User Club is second to none, you are never left on your own to sort any problem and can sometimes help a fellow member to fix theirs."
K. W. Farmer April 2004

"Ease of data entry and the ability to delete/amend errors easily and quickly. The reporting facility in the "Professional" version is very good."
S. P. Farmer March 2004

"I am very pleased with the overall product."
D. M. Farmer March 2004

"Looks good on the screen and simple to use. Useful set of reports... Support is excellent."
W. B. Farmer March 2004

"I like all the features of Field Track from the field recording to the planner"
D. R. Farmer March 2004

"Versatility... Excellent support."
W. R. Farmer March 2004

"I find the cost the best aspect and have found I can do most of the things I want to do easily. So quality is good and most things catered for. I think it is good value and progressive"
S. W. Farmer March 2004

"Simplicity with advanced features which you can use as you want."
R. R. Farmer March 2004

"Support is first class"
H. L. Farmer March 2004

"Congratulations on what looks like an excellent product."   
P. S. Farmer - Email 1998   

"Field Track is a fast, logical and easy to use program which actually encourages you to keep your field records up to date."   
R. B. Farmer - Gloucester - Email 1998   

"It is a great package and it has certainly made me more aware of just what I'm spending."   
D. S. Farmer - Dorset - Email 1998   

"I have had a look at your crop recording program and was impressed."   
P. C. Farmer - Yorkshire - Email 1998   

"It didn't take me long to realise it is a good product you are offering at a very reasonable price. A refreshing change and I shall certainly be recommending your product to others."   
N. P. Farmer - Email 1999   

"I have downloaded your shareware version and I am most impressed."   
M. R. Farmer - Email 1999   

"Field Track is proving a real help with the record keeping, not just with the ACCS but with costs and COSHH as well. Thanks."   
T. K. Farmer - Email 1999   

"I am now getting the hang of 'Field Track' and appreciating what a superb system it is. How do you do it so cheaply?"   
D. B. Farmer - Email 1999   

"Having been a complete beginner with computers, I have found Field Track ideal to learn...." "It has also focused my arable costings in these difficult times."   
C. G. Farmer - Worcester - 1999   

"Field Track. What can I say. Pure simplicity. Up until mid November I had no computer experience whatsoever but realised that it was time to look at computerising the farm field records. I have looked at various software packages. Some costing hundreds of pounds. From all of these I have chosen 'Field Track'..." "A few days looking and playing and trying to 'Get my head round it'. A quick phone call to Charles and I was soon on the right track; i.e., approximately two hours and 24 fields (one farm) fully entered onto the system; including seed, fertiliser rates, slug pellets, lime, etc, etc. In conclusion; if I can do it anyone can..."   
C. H. Farmer - Hull - 1999   

"As a non-computer literate farmer I found the programme relatively easy to use and the more information I enter the easier it becomes."   
N. A. Farmer - Huddersfield - 2000   

"This computer, after overcoming considerable resistance on my part, has developed into an essential tool in our office. Mainly because of the use of your Field Track program which is used almost daily..." "One of the best features of Field Track is the back up and support from yourself and the knowledge that we will not be ripped off. Thanks for all the help."   
T. K. Farmer - Norfolk - 2000   

"Third year of Field Track recording." "Simply the best."   
J. S. - Email - 2000