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Installation of Field Track could not be simpler. Simply follow the installation prompts of the installation program. After installation run Field Track from the "Start" - "Programs" menu, or the "Desktop" shortcut and it will detect whether you have no data and will ask you to either create a new set of records, upgrade from an older version of Field Track, connect to a network folder, or allow you to restore from a back-up file.

Be sure not to install Field Track in your old Field Track folder if you are upgrading.

People upgrading from Field Track 1.17.20 can use the "Upgrade" option when you first run Field Track 2.
Upgrade (From 1.17.20)

*All existing users are entitled to a free "Client" licence. Simply email your encrypted key with your customer details to Field Track.

* This version of Field Track will only update your records if you are upgrading from version 1.17.20 of Field Track.

Field Track may require some MS Windows® files to be installed on your computer to be able to upgrade your data from your previous version of Field Track.

Windows® '95/98/ME, NT/2000 may require you to install Microsoft MDAC (ADO) files. You can download these from the below website (approx. 6Mb). These files are provided on all Field Track CD's and you can call Support and purchase a CD:

Microsoft MDAC Files

* MDAC(ADO) is already installed on XP and you will not require these files.

To upgrade from a previous version of Field Track select the "Upgrade" option. You will be then asked to locate your old Field Track folder. By default this should: "C:\CCI\Fieldtrc\". If this is not where you installed your previous version of Field Track then locate and select the correct folder.

Field Track will ONLY upgrade from version 1.17.20 of Field Track. If your previous version of Field Track is not the 1.17.20 version of Field Track please download and install this version, as well as run it before attempting to upgrade to this version of Field Track:

Field Track Downloads

If your upgrade fails please contact Co-ordinated Computer Integration. Due to the way this version installs and upgrades it does not affect your old pre-version 2 data files.

Field Track 1.17.20 Upgrade Issues:

Field Track 2 is quite a bit different to any previous version of Field Track. In the upgrade process some data is not converted:

The Diary information is not moved to the new version of Field Track. This is mainly due to the totally new diary system in Field Track 2. The 1.17.20 diary also had a Y2K bug, which meant few people actually used it effectively.

Datasets and Global Search information is not converted to the new version. Field Track 2 uses a completely different database and the old Dataset and Global Search data simply is not compatible.

The "Pricing Database" is converted and is functional, however the conversion is only provided so Field Track users can progress to the new stock control system. Future upgrades may not fully support the "Pricing Database".

Error When Upgrading/Creating New Database

Some machines may get an error that "UpgradeFT.exe" cannot be found. This is a very specific and odd error to encounter. To cross this bridge, close Field Track and locate the Field Track folder using "My Computer" - ("C:\CCI\Fieldtrack\"). In this folder they will be two "*.bat" files called: "FTCreate.bat" and "FTUpgrade.bat". One creates a new database and the other upgrades your old Field Track database files. Double-click the respective ".BAT" file and continue. Once complete you will be able to run Field Track correctly.

Select the option you want and then press the button, which will reflect your choice.


Creates a completely new and blank database of field records. Use this option if you are installing Field Track for the first time. You can also use this option to quickly create an installation and then restore your records from a Field Track 2 back-up file.


Upgrades your old Field Track 1.17.20 data files to new Field Track system.


Allows you to install Field Track anywhere on your network, or computer and link the data files to a single installation somewhere else on the network, or computer. You will need to double click on the "Data" folder within the new Field Track folder. To use this function you must have used "Create", or "Upgrade" somewhere else on your system to then point this installation to the folder which contains your data. This feature can also be used to create the "Config.ini" file should it be corrupt, by pointing to the folder where your data is held.