Field Track Diary
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Field Track Diary

Earlier versions of Field Track had a diary, however it was not possible to upgrade the data to the new diary system. The new Field Track Diary is a far more powerful and complex diary based information system for your use.
* Right-clicking the planners offers further options. You can also add and delete entries with the "Insert" and "Delete" keys on the keyboard.

Month Planner

This planner displays a month at a time. Entries are not interchangeable with the Day Planner.

Day Planner

This planner shows several days at once and the resolution is down to the hours in the day. Entries are not interchangeable with the Month Planner.

Application Diary

This is a read only display and will display entries for all your application records.

"Todo" List

A handy To Do list to remind you of tasks to complete.

Display Layers

You can use this function with the Month and Day planners. Each planner has 20 layers, which you can name. Whichever layer is currently being displayed when you add an entry the item will be tagged with that layer number, so you can reduce the displayed entries by the layer. "All Layers" displays all layer entries. For example you could give "Layer 1" the name of an operator, or workman and entries placed on that 'layer' will only relate to that person.

Current Style

This relates to what type of entry is added when you use the "Insert" keyboard key.