Linking Product To Stock
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Product - Stock Links

Linking your product to the stock control system is done through the right-hand side of the Product Database system. Selecting a product on the left will display any stock links on the right:
Each product can be linked to more than one stock item, so your single product details can be linked to more than one stock location. For example you have a single "Roundup" product but two chemical stores, thus "Roundup" will have two stock items, one for each store location. When you select a multiple linked product in an application Field Track will further ask which stock item you wish to use.

This allows you to add new stock links from the Stock Inventory system. You will need to select "Use", or double-click a stock item within the Stock Inventory system to have the link confirmed on this screen.


Edit the stock item in the Stock Inventory system. Alter stock close dates and/or add purchases to the inventory.


Delete the stock link for this product.

Stock Link Information

Stock Level (R)

This is the real stock level based on purchases and sales.

Stock Level (P)

This is the stock level used to calculate the current stock price. Purchased items with no price data are not used to create a current stock price.