Main Income
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Main Income

Earlier versions of Field Track employed a 'projection' system for a field's main income. It assumed that your currently calculated sales price was the same for the whole field's yield.

The latest version of Field Track does things differently, so income appears to go 'up' the more you sell and should be a little more understandable, however it no longer (currently) takes account of a field's yield variations by default. This can be altered in your configuration settings:

Each field can be given a "Sales Crop Type". As you sell a "Sales Crop" then each field with the same 'type' will have its main income altered.

The main income list is NOT field specific and simply details all shipments of that specific "Sales Crop Type" sold.

The Main Income system can use one of two types of calculation: "Area Based" (default), or "Yield Based". You can access Field Track's configuration system to switch either system on, or off:

Area Based is the default, however, the principle behind the calculation is the same.

As you sell a main income sale crop type, Field Track totals up the field areas, or yields for all fields with the same "Sales Crop Type" and then deduces how much this field is as a percentage of the total area, or yield. The field is then given an income of that percentage of the total income from that "Sales Crop Type". For example you sell £100 worth of grain and two fields of 50 acres each are allocated to your sales crop type. Field Track will deduce each field is 50% of the total sales and will give each field £50 worth of the total sales. A very basic example but that's how it works.

Another example would be that 2 fields have yielded a total of 100 tonnes. One field yielded 75 tonne and the other yielded 25 tonne. You main income for the sales crop type comes to £1000. Field Track deduces that field one is 75% of the total yield. Field two is 25%. Field Track thus gives field one 75% of the income (£750) and field two 25% of the income (£250). This system allows Field Track to adjust incomes based on your field yields. The calculation also means that the figures balance. If the fields yields total more than your total sales and thus income, each field will still get the correct main income percentages and the total income for the fields will still match your total sales.

If Field Track is set to "Yield Based" then a total yield is calculated for the fields and the specific field's yield is used to deduce a percentage and thus income.

The calculation is quite simple and allows the figures to balance regardless of any slight errors in your yield, or area figures. "Yield Based" is the more realistic option, however because a field will always have an area, "Area Based" is the default.

The "Total" of any "Sales Crop Type" area, or yield is not stored by Field Track. You can click on the underlined "Total" to see what the total is of the current sales crop.

Adding/Editing Income
Total income is based on "Price/Unit" multiplied by "Units Sold".

Due to the way Main Income is calculated the figures are NOT altered when you upgrade from earlier versions of Field Track. You will need to re-select a "Sales Crop Type" in every field to have Field Track re-calculate your main income to the new system. It is not required that old records be altered however, if you are happy with them.