Registration Certificates
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Registration Certificates

Field Track's registration process is built around key certificate files that need to be installed in the Field Track installation folder. By default this will be "C:\CCI\Fieldtrack\".

A trial/demo key, as well as a registered "Client" key is the file called: "FTracklic.txt". If this file does not exist on your system, then Field Track will create a new one.

A "Professional" key is a yearly registration key file called: "FTrackPROlic.txt". If this file is found it is used. If it is not found the "Client" key is used.

Field Track generally needs both these files installed in the same folder as Field Track.

If your "FTrackPROlic.txt" files expires, or is deleted then it will fall back and use the "FTracklic.txt" file. Thus an expired "Professional" Field Track will revert to "Client" until you update your "Field Track User Club" registration.

If Field Track detects tampering with these files; i.e., you try and use someone else's "FTrackPROlic.txt" file it will reject the file and ask you to request a new registration licence certificate.

Field Track's rejection system is quite final. If you are the legal owner of the software then you may be able to get Field Track running using the correct files, or deleting the "FTrackPROlic.txt" file and using only the "FTracklic.txt" file until you get your new certificate files. You should have at least a fully registered "FTracklic.txt" file, or the trial file. If Field Track still fails to start delete both licence files and revert the system to the trial/demo status and contact Co-ordinated Computer Integration to request a new new. You will require to go through the registration process again to create an encrypted registration information file.

Field Track is also locked to a PC, so changing your PC, or Windows® OS may also affect the registration settings and you will need to contact Co-ordinated Computer Integration to get new registration files:

Charles Collinson
Co-ordinated Computer Integration
South Lodge
Station Road

+44 (0)1845 578464
07941 032065