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Why two screens for Field Track?

In the early stages of development of this version of Field Tack it was immediately obvious that the 'Advanced' screen, which was the main development, was going to be 'hard work' for new computer users and some existing Field Track users. All previous versions of Field Track had one gleaming feature: The user interface. It was thus decided that we had to keep the 'old' interface, as well as progress to a totally new and more powerful system.

Why two interfaces in more detail. Field Track's main development is the "Advanced" interface however, for reasons stated above, the "Standard" interface has been made simpler to navigate. It also provides a 'quicker' entry into Field Track when Field Track is not used for several months in the year. The "Advanced" interface can, if not used for a long period, slow down your data input, as you try and remember all the features. Not only this but it would be a development and presentational compromise to try and make the "Standard" interface as complex and as useful as the "Advanced" interface, or visa versa. For this reason Field Track comes with two distinct options as to which interface the users finds the most useful at any given time.

To get the most from Field Track it is advised you read the following sections to see what each interface can bring to your crop recording. Having two possible interfaces can be considered 'confusing', as to why they are there. It should not be. Field Track has been designed for you and it was simply not possible to make the "Advanced" interface 'simple' enough for all users. It is extremely rare to find any computer software specifically designed with a dual interface to provide better use of varying needs, or different types of users. Having two available interfaces from which to choose from gives you the choice of which is best for the task at any given time.

The Standard Interface
This screen mirrors the previous version of Field Track. Not an exact copy but very similar, so existing users can feel at home in the new version and new computer users can learn Field Track in a simpler environment, as compared to the Advanced screen. The "Standard" interface was designed after the "Advanced" interface and several features are not available. As with both interfaces serveral key features are only available to "Professional" Field Track users.

The Advanced Interface
This is the main new development of Field Track and was designed first. The interface is designed to provide the maximum amount of information and provide an interactive system where users can interrogate the information in fine detail. The ability to create your own screen layouts, as well as design the display grids to your specifications and use one as your default design (loaded by default) makes the "Advanced" interface of Field Track one of the most powerful features you will ever find. "Professional" users can also use this to print off ad hoc reports very rapidly! Please review the following sections to see what each interface can do.