The "Records" Menu
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Create Split Field (Standard/Advanced)

Allows you create a split/partition field from the currently selected field. Areas and field figures will adjust to the new field size.

Application Planner (Standard/Advanced)

View records currently held in your "Planner" records.

Field Budget Records (Standard/Advanced)

Add/edit selected field's budget figures.

Field Soil Records (Standard/Advanced)

Access the selected field's soil sample database. This is not the same as the field's own quick soil information stored with the field records.

Field Fertiliser Analysis (Standard/Advanced)

Calculate fertiliser nutrient analysis of currently applied fertilisers.

Global Sales Crop

Quickly alter all your seasonal fields for their correct Sales Crop in a single operation.

Field Harvest Records (Standard/Advanced)

View selected field's harvest/drier records.

Continuous Drier Records (Standard/Advanced)

Continuous drier records are different to your harvest records due to how a continuous drier operates. Records can be linked to grain store to complete the circle.

Field Yield Records (Standard/Advanced)

View selected field's yield figures. You can also alter the field's crop type and variety here without applying any seed to the field.

Store To Field Records (Standard/Advanced)

Allows you to select a grain store and have all field records and 'Storage & Equipment' records displayed relevant to the selected store.

Reset Harvest Interval Date (Standard/Advanced)

Your harvest date on chemicals only calculates forward, so application edits can mean the harvest date gets out of synch. This option will check your records and correct all harvest dates, as per the field's chemical records.
Pricing Database (Standard/Advanced)

The previous Field Track "Pricing Database" is provided as a compatibility feature. Use of the new stock control system is advised compared to using this database system.

Product List (Standard/Advanced)

Access your product databases and stock control.

Stock Inventory (Standard/Advanced)

Stock control/inventory system. Used to access directly your stock control to update quantities and prices.

Storage/Equipment Records (Standard/Advanced)

ACCS storage and equipment database. Use this to record supplementary information about your work. Also useful for storing machine settings from season to season.

Field Track Diary (Standard/Advanced)

The new Field Track diary system.

Weather (Pro) (Standard/Advanced)

This feature is only available to "Professional" users and allows you to store, or import weather data.

Address Book (Standard/Advanced)

Supplementary address book of contacts.

Operator Records (Standard/Advanced)

Access your operator contact details.

Seller Records (Standard/Advanced)

Access your seller contact details.

Buyer Records (Standard/Advanced)

Access your buyer contact details.

Machine Records (Standard/Advanced)

Access to the machine database and machinery costings database.