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Enterprise Review (Standard/Advanced)

This is a "Professional" feature only. Gives you access to a enterprise review system that allows you to compare serveral related conditions.

Year-On-Year Averages(Pro) (Standard/Advanced)

Professional users can calculate averages across serveral years.

Crop Planner (Standard/Advanced) (Pro)

Use this feature to create cropping plans for the future. The graph system aids in displaying cropping percentages. Can be useful to work out future IACS set-a-side field sizes.

Map Measure (Standard/Advanced)

This is a "Professional" feature only. Gives you access to the integrated map measurement system.

Satellite Map (Standard/Advanced)

Use the Internet to view images. Especially useful in displaying the most recent satellite radar images of the weather.

Seed Rate Calculator (Standard/Advanced)

Seed rate calculator using the thousand grain weight system and establishment figures.

Calculators (Standard/Advanced)

Field Track can provide useful calcluators taking your existing field information as a basis. This feature will expand with future updates.