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Field Track comes in two versions:

Field Track "Client" and Field Track "Professional". You can register both versions from the help menu, which will send an email to Co-ordinated Computer Integration, or your supplier with your registration information. You will receive confirmation of your registration, as soon as payment has been made either by UK cheque, online credit card, or through your supplier. The trial version of Field Track comes as a 30 day demo. To gain access after this period you will need to register the full product. Your data will remain in Field Track until you fully register the product.

You can request an extended trial licence, as well as a limited time trial of the "Professional" version of Field Track by contacting us. The "Professional" version of Field Track is not on trial for many reasons, however the help file details every screen and we can supply a "Professional" version demo licence if requested.

"Field Track Client"

This is a one-off payment for the software and re enables all functions lost after you trial the software. The recommended retail price for Field Track is £80 (UK Sterling) plus any local tax requirements.

*All existing users are entitled to a free "Client" licence. Simply email your encrypted key with your customer details to the email address below.

"Field Track Professional"

This version is part of the yearly "Field Track User Club" subscription service, which offers better support, as well as discounts on related products. The recommended retail subscription price for the "FTUC" is £32/year (UK Sterling) plus any local tax requirements.

Registration requires you to follow the instructions under the "Help" - "Register Field Track Client" menu option. You require to create an encrypted key string, which requires to be emailed to Co-ordinated Computer Integration, or your supplier.

To register Field Track please contact Co-ordinated Computer Integration, or your supplier:

Charles Collinson
Co-ordinated Computer Integration
South Lodge
Station Road

+44 (0)1845 578464
07941 032065

You can order Field Track online with your credit card at: