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Field Reports

Access the reporting system for Field Track. "Professional" users of Field Track will also gain access to the report writer system where it is possible to create new, or edit existing reports. Reports can be for the whole season's records, only listed fields, or only selected fields.

You can selectively send all the fields, listed fields, or only selected field to the report engine.

Load Report To Database

Use this function to load in reports created by other users, or Co-ordinated Computer Integration. "Professional" users can save their created reports to disk, which can be loaded in with this function by any Field Track user. Reports, or data queries can be loaded as sets by using the SHIFT and CONTROL keys with the mouse to select more than one file at once. Files will be loaded into the reports default (root) folder tree for you to then place in appropriate report folders. FTR (Field Track Reports) files can also be accessed directly and is the default option. Field Track will load report files and also process and load a FTR file with report files contained within it.

Once loaded they will appear directly on the root folder in your Report Explorer. By default this will be "All Folders", however you may have renames the topper most folder name in the Report Explorer.