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Specialist Agricultural Software

Unique Tools For Today’s Farmers

Here at Field Track we work under a very selective set of rules: We only create software in areas we consider restricted in some way. Bringing our unique experience to tasks where others have failed. We also honour a time tested practise of: “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!”

All our software fulfils a specific need, or area unlike any other related software. All the software here is designed with a goal in our minds, as the areas concerned are of direct importance to our working life’s. Our solutions may replace expensive or complicated software alternatives. Our products may also be born of the fact that we believe we can do a better job. If something does not work, then it has to be resolved to work. Failure is simply not a farming term, nor option!

We do not simply write software for anyone. We write it just for YOU!


Gain upwards of 30% and more improvement in your dryer efficiency!

“Time” - The greatest gift of all. Field Track - Dryer Control gives you back all that wasted time watching your dryer. What could you do with that?

Field Track - Dryer Control is a solution to the problem of poor throughput and many wasted hours attending to the control of continuous dryers. Experience and research has proven that very few, if any, embedded dryer controls are programmed correctly, or efficiently. If you have ever wondered why you spend so much time watching and monitoring your dryer and seem to never be able to leave it alone to do a simple task; such follow your instructions then you need to read our forthcoming free report: ‘Is Your Dryer Flawed?’ and consider the Field Track - Dryer Control!

With throughput improvements of 30% and more, as well as a continuous dryer that follows your skilled instructions to the letter, can you afford to not be using this system? (More)

Currently Compatible Dryers:
Direct connection coming soon...


“Simplicity is the key to Field Track crop recording software - simplicity of layout, simplicity of data entry and simplicity of data interpretation...” “...to-date we've been impressed.”

Profi International


Field Track offers you a most unique, powerful, cost effective and simple crop recording solution for your agricultural enterprise.

Rock-solid software stability, a wealth of features, an unmatched record for simplicity and data input speed, as well as professional support and after sales commitment to your requirements makes Field Track the only sensible choice.

Find a better solution within the first full year and we will happily refund you! See why so many farmers and people in the industry recommend Field Track(More)


Have an image? Measure it!

Farmers, surveyors, contractors, estate agents and hobbyists to name but a few people who might find Map Measure the most cost effective and simplest way to measure stuff!

Field Track - Map Measure is a simple idea with so many possible uses. What if you could scan in your maps, or use images, pictures from your computer and measure distances and areas directly on the computer screen. No fancy GPS, manual, or complicated mapping tool required!

Check field areas on your estate? Calculate an area plot in more than one measurement? Work out the area around a boundary 12 meters wide? Measure the lengths of hedges for ELS. Measuring route distances, as you train to be a taxi driver? Measure pockets of real estate. The uses are endless and all you need is an image file of the map and Field Track - Map Measure.

This is such a useful tool certain parts of it might not remain totally free for long! Download the totally free version today before we change our minds. (More)


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